How to untangle your hair

Having knots in the hair, it is the obsession of all girls with long hair. How to untangle your frizzy, curly, curly hair without damaging them? How not to suffer brushing your hair to get rid of knots? Our advice is to master the art of untangling and never have this problem!

When you have short hair, a bit of a comb in the hair (even sometimes!)In contrast to the long hair, it is not quite the same process.Because with long hair, nodes are much more common, it is important to fully master the art of untangling. And to untangle your hair, take the problem to the root!

How to untangle your frizzy / curly hair ?

It is essential for girls with curly hair to make a disentangling before shampooing to get rid of nodes that will be even more difficult to remove when wet.

Warning: ban unravel on dry hair! Combing should be done on damp hair (not completely soaked either) to be more flexible and that the brush does not catch when passing.

 Once perfectly trouble when shampooing, divide your hair into 4, and perform flexible enough braids so as to shampoo the scalp.Then rinse with warm water without removing the mats.Once rinsed thoroughly, you can undo the braids, feed them with oil and unravel soon after, first finger to limit the damage, then brush with a wide tooth.

How to untangle your wavy hair?

If your hair undulate without actually complete, then it is best to sort out on dry hair. With a brush with big spikes at first to get rid of nodes that are housed in your mane, then with the natural bristle brush to smooth the whole and minimize the volume without destroying the ripple.

How to untangle your fine hair?

Overall, girls with very fine hair have more luck: their hair less likely to tangle. But when there are nodes, then to dislodge: hello carnage disentangling!Since they are thin, hair is more brittle. So, at the slightest brush to untangle it all, it breaks! It is therefore essential for girls with fine hair to opt for a comb with natural bristles to avoid the electric hair effect. However, you have a choice: disentangling can be done on dry hair or wet!You decide.


Avoid hammering at your mane. To ensure a disentangling avoiding (at best!) The case, not start untangle with your fingers roughly. You will see, you will have fewer nodes when the brush pass.


Always start unraveling the tips. If you drag the brush roots down, you may do only down nodes. So bad idea.


Using a dirty comb = hello cat! A dirty brush is a brush that has accumulated dirt, dead hair etc. And of course, if you do not bother to clean it regularly, with each pass, you drop these residues on your scalp. Not great for a mane to fall …

How to untangle your hair

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