How to protect your hair from the sun

It’s summer ! You’re protecting your skin from UV, we know. Sunscreens, protective sprays or after-sun repair, everything is in the bag. But what about the protection of hair? If you protect your skin from sun damage, you tend to forget that your hair, too, can suffer from the adverse effects of the summer. Sun, salt, sand …. Spray sun protective, repairing shampoo after sun or use a nourishing hair mask. There are many tips you should use to protect hair from the UV. 

Remember, ladies, your fragile hair suffers as much as your beautiful skin. Here are the solar products for your hair, to add to your suitcase, pronto!

Why you should protect hair from the sun?

Just like your skin, you should protect your hair disastrous effects of the sun. Also, you expose it to dangers of salt, chlorine and wind fading, dehydrated and brittle hair. After your vacation, you get tanned skin but dry hair, brittle, dull, damaged and rough. Owl !

Dyed hair is not spared either. Under UV, it’s even more sensitive than natural hair. They therefore require special protection to prevent the color turns or washes. Rest assured, you only have a few things to keep dream hair all summer. Protect, wash, repair, follow the program!

How to protect hair from the sun?

-Before each trip to the beach, remember to apply sun care suitable for your hair.

-At the beach, go for a non-greasy spray with a light texture and non-sticky, which provides optimal protection of the hair fiber. Dry and damaged hair like the fattest textures: a protective hair oil, for example, for moisturizing the hair in depth.

Wash your hair with the right products

-To treat your hair and pampered, we must engage in a particular capillary ritual twice a week.

– It begins with an ultra-soft nourishing shampoo that removes hair from chlorine and salt while repairing the deep. After shampooing comes … the conditioner! It is applied in mid-lengths to ends and allowed to be 3 to 5 minutes for best results.

– And if one has golden hair, pushed vice a little further by taking special care with blond hair.

Fix your hair after the sun

-In summer, it is strongly recommended you apply a restorative hair mask once a week. The hydrating mask should be applied to any length and on the tips, the first victims of the sun.

-For optimal care, cover your hair with a hot towel during the laying time ..

Protecting hair … eating!

-We know that there are foods that help to sunbathe, but did you know that a good diet could also help protect hair from the sun? Opt for fish and the vegetables and orange fruits, rich in carotene.

– We love good apricots, melon, carrots, peaches and peppers to give strength to her hair and make up the melanin in the skin.

-There are also supplements to moisturize from the inside and prevent the effects of sunlight on the skin and hair.

For more results and maximum protection of your hair, use a cap on the hot sand. Happy holidays!

How to protect your hair from the sun

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