How to prevent hair loss

Difficult not to leave a trace of your passage, wherever you go, because of your hair … But the worst is when your beloved runs his hand in your beautiful hair and it comes out with a few strands.. How to prevent hair loss? What are the tricks to remedy hair loss? How to know if this is normal or really serious? Why hair falls out? A woman has an average of 100,000 hair. So be reassured, it is described as “normal” to lose nearly a hundred a day.

How can we explain hair loss?

Our hair is constantly growing (like our hair) throughout our lives and inevitably, at some point, they fall.

They grow about a centimeter per month. But the more one grows, the more hair growth decreases.

This phenomenon occurs in phases that can last up to 3 months.

Summer is the most efficient period for hair growth.

 The main factors of hair loss?

– Age, which limits the growth of the hair.

– Nature. They will not fall equally if they are thick or thin. Plus they are fine, they fall more easily.

– Seasons change. We do not always think but it is a real drop activator. Including half seasons like spring and fall. We can lose nearly 200 during these periods.

 – Hormonal changes such as at the end of pregnancy.

– The periods of stress that slow hair growth, which subsequently produces an abundant fall while the growth has slowed.

– Iron deficiency or vitamin.

– The overeating. Too fat diet (cholesterol promotes hair loss).

How to fight against hair loss?

– In summer, rinse your hair regularly with warm water, without shampoo (3 to 4 times daily) to fight against external aggression from the beach or the pool.

– Take a course of vitamins B (which will encourage the regrowth of your hair).

– Eat a balanced diet rich in protein and iron (meat and fish).

– Get active to release stress.

– Do not brade it too often.

– Use anti-fall and invigorating oils to nourish the roots of your hair lotions.

– Make regular massage your scalp to promote regrowth (in the form of circular dots).

 How to notice abnormal hair loss?

Hair loss is considered abnormal when a woman loses more than 200 hairs a day over a period of at least two months.

Warning signs: If your hair is more refined in the fall. This implies that the problem is in your scalp skin and your roots are asphyxiated. Then we use the term “alopecia”. There are five different types.

The more common in women is acute alopecia often due to too drastic diet with iron deficiency, copper, zinc, silicon, vitamin B.

And it usually takes two years to regain your hair.

You will then perform a trichogram (it takes a few hair in different areas of the scalp and the microscope are observed) and in some cases, hormonal balance sheet will also be performed.

You should know that the shampoo called “anti-fall” is not effective for alopecia.

3 lessons learned to get by:

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, fight against stress and regularly massage your hair.

How to prevent HAIR LOSS

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