How to Hide wrinkles with makeup

When one wants to wear makeup, but has a few lines or wrinkles on the face, should follow some tips to hide the defects of the skin, for a fresh and bright complexion! This type of makeup is not as long or difficult as you may imagine, you just have to use the right products and apply them appropriately.First, we must always take care of our skin. Therefore you should not pass on a scrub once a week, and a moisturizing day cream, a specific eye cream and a night cream. Of course, opt for products for mature skin with a wrinkle action.

Taking care of your skin and regain a glowing complexion

First, we must always take care of our skin. Therefore you should not pass on a scrub once a week, and a moisturizing day cream, a specific eye cream and a night cream. Of course, opt for products for mature skin with a wrinkle action.

If we want a natural makeup for the day or sophisticated for the evening, we work to make our complexion flawless. This is a very important part, because it is thanks to its different techniques that will greatly reduce wrinkles and other skin imperfections. Start by applying, on your skin, smoothing makeup base. This softens the skin texture. Fine lines will already be attenuated by this basis.

Then Spread homogeneously your foundation. To choose the perfect color, lay a foundation on your jaw nuts, spread and make sure that the foundation merges with your skin. You will need to use a lifting foundation. They were created specifically to minimize wrinkles on the skin by smoothing components, but not only. Indeed, they also have photo-reflecting pigments that will reflect light on the skin and create a kind of visual camouflage, ideal for hiding wrinkles.

Once that’s complete, camouflages dark circles! You get yourself a concealer that you apply under the eyelids forming a triangle. Also add that product on the corner of the eyes, the crow’s feet, the nasal fold, the chin, the forehead, the middle, slightly above the brow line and around the lips if you have wrinkles. Of course, also apply your concealer on your various wrinkles and small imperfections visible on your skin. then blend with the finger or, even better, with a brush.

Use a powder in very small quantities on the entire face to come fix your skin makeup.

Finally, apply a little blush on the cheekbones. Always remember to associate it with your lipstick.

Attention whether you use  the powder or the blush, put only small amounts. Indeed, the powder has the bad habit of marking lines when there are too many.

Eyes Make up for a younger look

On the eyes, the main objective will be to bring their freshness and vitality. So it is better to opt for something discreet. Start with a clear eye shadow beige or pink, for example … according to your preferences and your complexion. You can apply it on the eyelid. Between the eyelid and eyebrow, apply a rather more clear eye as white and in small quantities to capture light. Finally, add a slightly darker shadow in the inner corner of the eye. The latter eye key will enlarge your eyes and revitalize the shape of the eye. Avoid very dark colors for the makeup of your eyes. They may give you a look a little too harsh.

Finish with two coats of mascara to give maximum volume to your lashes and have a captivating look.

Give your lips a second youth

First, know that it is best to avoid using a matte lipstick to disguise your mouth. Indeed, they tend to mark the paths that one can have around the lips.

Once again, as with the eyes, go for bright colors and delicate. They will highlight your mouth by preventing fine lines and wrinkles will come out too.

Before applying your lipstick, wipe your lips with a cotton soaked in hot water to remove all traces of dead skin. Each week, you can also make a scrub for lips with a specific product or mild facial scrub. Feel free to also moisturize your lips with a balm to apply the evening, just before bedtime, in addition to your night cream.

Then drop a pencil. This will allow you to redraw your outline and so to have a fuller mouth especially if they are fine. Finally, apply your lipstick brush or directly with the tube homogeneously.

Wrinkles and fine lines are part of women’s lives. Far from being a disaster, they are the symbol of our wisdom and experience. However, one can enjoy the makeup to fade and especially bring more brightness to her complexion, vitality in his eyes and plump lips. It is also a way to take time goes by showing that regardless of age, can remain elegant, pretty and feminine! Ladies, your pencils, tubes and other products to give you a second youth!

How to Hide wrinkles with makeup

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