How to hide tiredness with makeup

Hey, gorgeous! Had a few bad days? OR maybe the opposite, great days of parting. No matter the situation, the results are the same: tiredness, a tired face that you can’t seem to be able to hide, with anything. Bad news? That means you’re using make-up wrong. Good news? It’s easy and fast to do it right. Read more and let me show you how you should be applying make-up to hide tiredness. It’s easy, you’ll see! 

1st step: the complexion

First choose your foundation according to your skin type. The matte finish will be perfect for mixed or oily skin, while moisturizing and glowy finish will be the best ally of dry skin. Then apply your concealer. Indispensable, the highlighter on the cheekbones should be applied next and after that the tanning powder. Switch to pink blush for the sides. Make sure not to remove the light of your face and transparent powder, only on the T-zone.

Little trick pro: if you want to tweak your nose, apply a little highlighter on the edge and sprinkle the nose, a transparent veil of powder. Combining light and dullness on these key areas can bring dimension. Now go to pink blush for instant fresh effect.

Step 2: look

first apply an iridescent beige shade on the eyelid and then add a spring and bright color like pastel green for example. In outer corner and in the pit, use a darker color like brown and blend gently. A good coat of mascara and voila!

Step 3: lips

The mouth can take a pep color with a red light lips like red or pink. But it can also be more discreet while retaining its shine with a gloss.

How to hide tiredness with makeup

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