How to grow hair faster naturally

How to grow hair faster? Are there any grandmother or studio tricks of hairdressers you should know? I did a bit of research with professional hair dressers and we came up with a manual, in 3 steps, to accelerate the growth of your hair, at home!

Diet, massage and natural products: the 3 essential steps

What woman does not dream of a mermaid hair? A shiny hair and full of life, but above all, long, very long, to turn heads!

But getting that requires a little (a lot) of patience: indeed, the hair grows about one centimeter per month, a little more for a lucky few, a little less for others. So, we thought of a few pro tips to help Mother Nature do its thing!

The power to grow hair faster

Like skin, hair needs to receive the essential vitamins and nutrients to their health: protein, B vitamins, zinc …

These vitamins and minerals are transmitted to the hair by the bulb (more commonly known as the root). Only the part below the skin is able to provide the necessary nutrients for growth and health.

Where more than essential interest of a balanced and varied diet emphasizing foods simply the following:

Vitamin B: The B vitamins promotes cell renewal in the hair follicle (stimulating hair growth).

Foods to choose: Cereals, liver, meat, egg yolk.

Protein: I’m not going to tell you to put your hair in the Dukan diet, but close … Indeed, the hair is composed of keratin, which is none other than protein!

Foods to choose: beef (contains proteins rich in essential amino acids for healthy hair), fish, seafood, dairy products.

Zinc: Zinc is involved in the synthesis of protein and is also known for its sebum-regulating and anti-bacterial. He is the best friend of our roots, who like nothing better than a healthy soil for growing hair!

Foods to choose: oysters, veal liver, wheat germ.

Iron: By promoting cell oxygenation, iron works by preventing hair loss. Bulb oxygen = good hair hung!

Foods to choose: dried vegetables, red meat, fish, milk, wheat germ.

There are many supplements on the market that can help regulate your deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, but a healthy and varied diet is the basis to allow your hair to grow quickly and well.

The head massage

The cranial self-massage, you’ve already heard of it? Did you know that thanks to this massage performed twice, 10 minutes a week, you could do much, much good to your hair and grow hair faster at the same time? We offer you the pro method!

The greatest hairdressers will tell you, nothing is more beneficial than a scalp massage for health and hair growth. It is not for nothing that in hair salons, shampoo is often accompanied by a head massage.

Capable of stimulating the capillary vascular system and to oxygenate the scalp, massage stimulates hair growth.

Oxygenate and stimulate the scalp, the right method:

Please have a concentrate of stimulating essential oils (we recommend the Complexe 5).

Apply concentrated methodically, line by line.

Sit comfortably on a chair, elbows on your dressing table (or table) for comfort and stability.

Start by massaging the neck, up towards the top of the skull, in the direction of blood flow. Make gentle circular movements using the pads of your fingers so as not to excite the sebaceous glands and thus promote on sebum production.

Proceed with shampoo.

Complete this massage twice per week. If you do not have time to apply the Complexe 5, you can proceed to massage a few drops of castor oil or wheat germ oil.

Purification of the scalp to grow hair faster

You know now, the hair root that plays their strength and beauty but also their rate of growth!

Indeed, a scalp choked by sebum or dandruff is not a breeding ground for good hair growth.

It is therefore necessary to adopt appropriate shampoos and treatments to purify and cleanse the scalp (clay shampoos for oily roots, care antifungal essential oils of eucalyptus or rosemary to fight against dandruff).

After making shampoo, we advises you to finish rinsing with a jet of cold water from roots to ends. This move will effectively boost the blood flow to your scalp and thus stimulate the growth.

How to grow hair faster naturally

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