Dry shampoo is the invention of which many girls can not do without. The volume boost of fine hair or the oils removal between two shampoos, make it difficult to pass. Yet abuse could have serious consequences on the health of our hair. British hairdressers pull the alarm. 

Dry shampoo is definitely part of the panoply of beauty. Since it was discovered, impossible to pass: it saves our lives when we do not have time to wash your hair and you want to give a fresh blow to it. We thought it was the perfect product. But now the British hairdressers come we affirm the opposite!

Hello hair problems …

Indeed, too often used ways, the dry shampoo can create many problems. Itching, dandruff, pimples, scratches … all even up the hair loss! What make us want to stand our dry shampoo and not to touch it. But the followers of this product in tow few specific uses are not dangerous. We just ensure that this does not become a daily habit almost.

Dry shampoo: a breakdown product

Because yes, it is better to repeat it even if it seems logical, dry shampoo is in any case for everyday use. For if it helps absorb excess oil, it does not clean the entire scalp and hair, leaving the door open to germs: it’s not a real shampoo!

The result: continued use dry shampoo in case of emergency “oily hair” when one has no time to spend in the shower. But the next day, wash the hair: it’s mandatory!

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