Dark circles types and home solutions

There are many types of dark circles, all of which can pose cosmetic problems and therefore create a complex for some women. More or less visible, they can have different colors and are sometimes accompanied by swelling as pockets. To fight against an enemy, always learn to know him better. Our enemies of the day are dark circles, so discover their origins and how they define themselves.Thanks to make-up, you can fight against dark circles by adopting one of the several solutions, depending on your type of dark circles.

Read more to understand what are dark circles and how  can you mitigate the problem.

What dark circles?

To fight against an enemy, always learn to know him better. Our enemies of the day are dark circles, so discover their origins and how they define themselves.

Dark circles are marks of different colors on the lower eyelid of the eye. Some are ephemeral and due to fatigue. They fade so quickly. Others, against, are constant. They are an integral part of the face and some women can accompanied pockets, that is to say, they are swollen.

Dark circles are often inherited, but can also be related to a health problem such as poor circulation, worries digestion … In this case, do not hesitate to consult a doctor who can be a valuable support to solve or at least reduce the problem of dark circles. In all cases, make-up can also be a good help to remove these unsightly marks daily.

Taking care of your skin when you have dark circles

Whatever your type of dark circles and the reasons for their occurrence, you must take special care of this area of your face to soften the marks. First, use only specific products for the eye area and specializes in combating dark circles. Proper hydration is the first step in some cases massage can also help drain or improve circulation. Massage three important points that are the inner area of the eyelid, the center of the eye under the iris and the outer edge of the eye. Apply your cream twice daily from inside the eye to the outside. Have the right things every day and use, in addition, small make-up techniques.

Mitigate colored rings

If you have a problem with blue rings, it probably means that your skin is very thin and your blood circulation is not very good. Brown rings are, in turn, due to pigmentation problems. In both cases, the objective is to cover the color. As always, first apply your foundation to smooth the skin. Be sure to put in the eye and blend it to avoid marks. Then use a second concealer. This should be lighter than your skin. You will apply in light touches on the fold of the ring under the eyes. then blend the concealer bridge down. Finish by dusting lightly to allow the material to hang longer on your skin.

Fight against the hollowed circles

These are probably the most difficult to hide dark circles with makeup. Indeed, this type of dark circles involves a hollow under the eye make-up can not fill. By cons, we can reduce it by playing with light. After applying your foundation, you can put an illuminating material in the hollow place. An optical illusion game will give the impression that the area is more convex.

Reduce puffiness

Bags under the eyes are also difficult to hide but with a few tricks the result is amazing. First, apply your foundation and then use a light pencil three shades lighter than your skin. Draw a line in the wake of the pocket but not especially on the bag itself. Tap the finger tip pen to melt the trait. This trick allows you to create an optical effect. The light being attracted by the hollow region of the pocket, the bulged area thereof appears flatter.

Last advice for women with pockets. This problem results from poor lymphatic drainage and can be decreased by using massage under the eyes. Enjoy the moments when you apply your eye cream to massage the area.

Some additional tips to fight against dark circles:

– Place your concealer moisturizer in the fridge. By spreading the cold on your skin, you improve efficiency!

– Avoid too much makeup your eyes instead highlight your mouth by choosing a chewable red lipstick.

– The lifestyle is also important to avoid accentuate dark circles. It avoids alcohol and tobacco and makes beautiful and long nights forever be rested!

– If you are really very complexed, surgery can help, carboxytherapy, peeling, hyaluronic acids are … recognized techniques as effective against dark circles by type. But be careful, in this case, make an appointment with at least three different surgeons who can advise you best and talk with those around you … because in the end, your dark circles are perhaps not so showy!

Now you have a lot of information, tips and to help you fight against your dark circles. Feel free to test and adapt the advice in the color of your dark circles and type. Indeed, they will be more or less marked according to the faces and therefore more or less difficult to camouflage. On to you to find the recipe that will be a success for you on this or our makeup tips. Patience, you will find one that suits you best.

Dark circles types and home solutions

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