Clean and tone skin with this facial mask

Although it is not recommended to abuse, the mask with egg white can be very useful for our beauty, because it helps us in particular to eliminate blackheads. Despite the bad reputation it may have had for decades, the egg is one of the most consumed foods worldwide.Its delicious flavor and its high content of essential nutrients make an indispensable of all dietary products.

Those few people know that it also has very interesting cosmetic applications, which can be very useful if used in a good beauty routine.Read more to find out how and why you should use eggs to clean and tone skin.

His significant contribution in protein, vitamins and minerals allows it to be a great ally of our skin but also our wallets! In fact, many cosmetic companies already using its active ingredients to manufacture cosmetic products intended to treat many skin problems. However, the use of natural way allows us to obtain its wonderful benefits for a firmer face and younger.The mask that we will share with you later in this article, is very special because it has many applications. You can use it as a cleanser for your face, but it will also allow you to remove all dead skin that may be present and bring you a firming effect.

What are the benefits of this facial mask?

You can clean and tone skin and more

Applying the egg on your skin, you will stimulate the repair of its damaged tissue, which will allow you to prevent premature aging.One of the main components of the egg, lutein, has the ability to retain natural moisture of the face, which gives it elasticity.The nutrients in the egg white are ideal to restore its radiance to the skin and to fight against flaccidity.This ingredient brings indeed significant amounts of vitamins A, B and D, which are heavily involved in cell activity to slow damage caused by free radicals.It is also very useful to close the pores, to remove impurities therein and to give a natural lifting effect.

Continued use of this treatment is recommended for those who want to fight their blackheads, reduce blemishes on their face and enjoy younger looking skin.

If its effects do not appear immediately, you still feel that your face is cleaner and softer from the first use.

How to prepare a facial mask to clean and tone skin

One of the main benefits of this mask is that it is economical and it represents a great alternative to expensive products that are sold on the market.We all have most of the ingredients contained in the house, which allows us to prepare continuously, as soon as we need them.


1 egg

coconut oil to

paper towels

2 containers

1 fork

1 brush


Make a small hole in the egg, separate the white from the yolk, and put them in different containers. Beat the white with a fork. Take the brush, dip it in beaten egg white and apply it on your clean, dry face. Before the egg dries, take a piece of kitchen paper and cut it into pieces, then put them on your face to cover it completely. Apply another layer of egg white and let dry the mask.

After 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll notice that the paper towel has hardened. At this point, enter the mask by small banks which must be below your chin and pull up with a jerk. This movement can be a bit unpleasant, but it is the best way to remove all your blackheads and all your impurities.

After finalizing this part of the treatment, mix the egg yolk with a tablespoon of coconut oil and beat vigorously. Remove the egg white residue with a little warm water, then apply the yellow with a brush. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water and mild soap.

Repeat this treatment twice a week. Your skin will be much smoother and radiant. Do not exceed our recommendations, because this treatment can be aggressive with the natural oils from our skin.


Do not use this mask if you have an allergy to eggs or to any of its components. If you do are not sure, do a small test before applying the entire product.

Keep in mind that the smell of the egg can be a bit unpleasant when the mask dry, so do not use this treatment if you can not bear it.

As you can see, with a simple ingredient, it can work wonders for the skin of your face.

The only requirement of this mask is that it takes some time to achieve, and you find a quiet moment to implement it.

 Clean and tone skin with this facial mask

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