To have beautiful shiny hair is not an easy task. Especially in winter or summer ! Fortunately, there are tricks to restore the luster to your dull hair! With our top 6 tips to overcome a dull hair, your hair lacks shine will be a distant memory …

When we see shiny hair, inevitably, we say that it is a healthy hair. And it is right. So to have shiny hair, the first thing to do is to moisturize as you would for her skin with a day cream. It’s the same logic. But hydration and anti dull hair hair care, are not the only solutions to overcome a dull mane.

A gentle styling, everyday.

All external aggression tarnish hair. Pollution, dust, wind are all anti-shine factors that prevent the hair to breathe. While morning and evening, we brush the  hair to remove these residues.

Rinsing with cold water. This is the oldest trick in the world, but it really works! Rinsing your hair in cold water, after conditioner, we make sure to reseal the hair scales. Smoothed, they reflect more light.

Rinsing with lemon basic diluted in water after shampooing. Lemon makes hair shine because its natural fruit acids smooth their cuticles, allowing them to better reflect light. One can also use lemon juice to lighten smooth light hair and give them shine while avoiding coppery or orange highlights. And besides, your hair will feel good!

A few drops of white vinegar in your mask. This may seem surprising, but the acidity of vinegar also helps to smooth the hair scales.

You put a few drops only in its care to rinse after shampooing to reap the benefits without retaining the slightly sour smell.

No risk for colored hair, it is a surface action that can not only alter the color thanks to its acidic pH.

 A good brushing.

The brushing is what makes the difference.

More hair will be working on the brush and dryer, plus the hair is glossy.

We choose a boar bristle brush to smooth the hair better and less awareness.

The hair oils finishing move. To make the hair a fact “frozen”, we can divert a last gesture gloss care oil to dry hair in good dosing to avoid burdening the hair. Prefer a texture that leaves hair aired.


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