10 Mistakes to avoid when you dry your hair!

Dry your hair, it sounds simple, but there are rules to follow to avoid damaging it. Regular exposure to heat can cause the appearance of forks and brittle hair. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when you dry your hair! Drying the hair, it is a great mystery for beginners as for the most experienced. We all want our hair to be dry and perfectly arranged. What most don’t know is that it is not enough to keep the blow dryer around his skull! The proof, it takes a lot more for hairdressers too get their clients to come out with with a perfect blow dry.

You untangle your hair while still wet

We are all guilty of this crime, and this is the worst thing a person can inflict on her hair!

Brushing her hair wet in the shower outlet may result in breakage. Hair should be dry at least 80% before using a hair brush. Before, they are much more fragile. By pressing you, you pull on your hair and you spoil them.

You do not prepare your hair drying

In the morning, seldom has time primping as we would like. That does not mean he should neglect his hair!

Women often think a hairdryer is not powerful enough to use a heat-protecting product. ALWAYS in use!

You are using a poor quality hairdryer

It came time to get rid of the hair dryer inherited her grandmother!

You should aim for a power of 2200 watts when you buy your hairdryer.

You are not using the right hair brush

A flat brush or a Denman brush are the best choices to soften the hair and give it a nice shape.

You do not think about using a round brush

If you want wavy hair, no need to use a curling iron after drying. Opt for a round brush that will give them a plumper texture.

With your hairdryer in hand, wrap each strand of hair around a round brush to give a more natural undulation.

You do not use the hairdryer tip

The tip of the hair dryer has a very important role as it helps to control heat and therefore avoids burning hair. Air flows in a much more moderate with a mouthpiece.

You burn the steps

First, we must dry the hair with a towel to remove excess water. Then, apply a heat-resistant product and dry her hair until 80% dry. This is where you can take your brush. This procedure is universal and undeniable!

You dry your hair every day

In itself, it will not have catastrophic consequences, but you still have to let her hair to rest occasionally.

It does not matter to dry her hair dryer every day, if we use the right tools and applying the thermal protective spray each time.

It must still let her hair breathe by giving them a few days off.

You never think to activate the cooling mode of your hairdryer

We must move from cold water for 30 seconds at the end of your shower to prevent heat damage, but this is not the only solution.

Cold fashion your hair dryer also helps close the cuticles and prevent frizz, so remember to end your drying with cold air.

You do not follow the recommendations of your hairdresser

Be a perfect blow dry is impossible without using the right products, following the recommendations of her hairdresser. Listen to his advice, and you will have the hair of your dreams every morning.

10 Mistakes to avoid when you dry your hair!

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